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“Charline kept the class moving and she kept it lively. I took most of my classes after working with 10-year-olds all day from 6pm-10pm. I was excited to go back every week. I would read the text book prior to the class it pertained to and Charline’s examples cleared up all of my questions before I had to ask them. Her personal stories inspired me as well as illustrated what I needed to know as it relates to real estate. When I went to take the test, I was more than prepared. I know when I begin my real estate career I will be hearing her voice in my heads for years to come and it will direct me in the correct direction. I am so glad she was my instructor.” 2




    I wanted to thank you for a very meaningful and important 8 weeks. I have looked at real estate listings for the past 10 years on a practically daily basis, even when I was deployed in Afghanistan for a year I was trying to buy a foreclosure in Brentwood! I have looked forward to seeing you every Tuesday night and am more appreciative than you know for your time and expertise. I am all registered for the exam and feel ready to venture into my real estate career. I will always keep the Charline Mason real estate principles in mind. I want you to know I will take the lessons you taught to heart and will always treat my colleages and my clients with integrity and intelligence.

    You are an absolute phenom of a teacher! Despite the long Tuesdays after a day of work, I have always looked forward to each and every class. I don't know where you find your energy! Your stories bring to life the facts of real estate as well as the ups and downs of life. And I think its important for an agent to understand both.



Just wanted to send a note to to say Thank you.  My passing the exam today (5 hrs ago)  was due in no small part, to your guidance and instruction.

It has been may years since I've had to 'study' and I must say I was doubtful in the beginning. Your classes were always engaging and with just the right amount of levity (which I loved). Your ability to impart a massive amount of information to students is a testament to your commitment, professionalism and apparent joy in what you do.


How lucky I was to have selected CMSU.


Hi Charline! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a most interesting real-estate course these last 8 weeks. As an educator myself I want to compliment you not only for your terrific presentation of as well as on the wealth of information (I had no idea how much there was, and my wife is in real-estate), but also for your marvelous ability at keeping us engaged for four hours every class. Not only did I make my initial entry into the world of real-estate through your preparation of me, but I leaned how to become a better teacher. Now, I wonder if my principal will let me use the time with you as recertification hours for my educational requirements. Again thank you. It was worth the hour+ drive to learn under you. You pushed us, and I really appreciate that. I’m sure we’ll meet again at some point, but I’ve already been praising you and your course to the agents who’ve asked me who I took the pre-licensing course with. Kind regards, SB
Dear Charline, Thank you so much for giving me the tools to pass the Real Estate Agent exam. You are an amazing person and teacher. I received my Bachelors from UNH and can't rememer an instructor that could even compare to you! Thanks again! Sincerely CC
"With a big heart, a lot of soul, and a well-stocked brain, Charlene Mason will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about real estate. From what you need to get your real estate license to effectively representing buyers and sellers and avoiding litigation…, she's got it figured out. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be helped by her classes; she provides valuable insights and guidance for use at any stage of your career. Her innovative, breakthrough teaching methods de..
Mike Clarizio
"Dear Charline, .......I had to tell you I thought you were wonderful! Your class was interesting and entertaining. I wasn't sure about taking the class but every week I enjoyed the class so much I kept returning. I'm really impressed by your stamina and ability to make real estate so were great,great,great!
Charline, I can't thank you enough for all that I have learned from your course. The combination of learning and laughing helped the classroom sessions fly by. The exam proved to be a piece of cake after attending your class and listening to your pearls of wisdom. I am forever in your debt. Sincerely,
Lee D Whitney
Hi Charline! You probably don't even realize it, but you have changed my life. I've been verey excited ab out this new venture of mine, then I met you and you've shown me a whole new meaning to drive and enthusiasm. I very much enjoyed your class and I definitely heard your voice during the exam. Keep doing what you're doing because you do it very well! Thank you!PM
Charline, Just wanted to "thank you" and also t let you know how much I enjoyed your class! You are an "outstanding" teacher and what I most enjoyed were your stories and how you "weaved them" in to make more critical points. You are such a "PRO" and extremely excellent at what you do Charline! Thanks again. I so enjoyed the course and more importantly I learned a lot!
Dear Charline, Thank you so very much for the wonderful care you show in the offering of the real estate course. It was one of the most thorough courses I have evern taken and your knowledgte and presentation of the materials is outstanding. I look forward to being in another class of yours in the future, Sincerely, DC
Charline, you are a gifted teacher. I am so thankful I chose to learn from you. I thoroughly enjoyed every class and looked forward to the next. Thank you for all I've learned from you and for making it fun to learn it. I hope to see you in another learning event in the near future. Thanks again.