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Dear Student…This page has been designed to notify students in the event of class cancellations due to lack of pre-registrations or snow storms/weather conditions or in the event of some emergency situation of which I have no control, like loss of internet connection.  Cancellations will be uploaded to this page as soon as I am aware of any situation that may require class to be cancelled.
Live Stream Classes
The next session of classes has been scheduled ( see prelicesning course schedule). The classes scheduled for January and March will be completed live Stream using the ZOOM platform.
The NHREC is in agreement to allow Live Stream Platforms to be used in the presentation of Prelicensing Courses to continue pending approval of a proposed rules change. A committee has been formed to take on the writing of the rules changes and we are hoping this will be completed for presentation and approval at the NHREC Monthly Commission meeting scheduled for February as our authorization for live stream prelicensing classes terminates at this time at the end of March.

New updates will be posted here.