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Dear Student…This page has been designed to notify students in the event of class cancellations due to lack of pre-registrations or snow storms/weather conditions or in the event of some emergency situation of which I have no control.  Cancellations will be uploaded to this page as soon as I am aware of any situation that may require class to be cancelled.
The NH CORE for License renewals scheduled for June 16th, 2020 may be done via ZOOM.
Prelicensing Class Schedule
UPDATE :May  21, 2020
GREAT NEWS!!!The Governor has signed Executive Order #29 on May 19, 2020.

Executive Order #29 allows for Remote online Prelicensing Courses during this State of Emergency. You can view the entire order by clicking on the above link.

The NEW revised schedule for  CMSU's Prelicensing Classes is now on the website.

These will be using the ZOOM platform for live stream.

Take care, Stay Healthy and Be safe!