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All CE courses  will be presented online via the ZOOM platform at this time. You will need the link to be admitted.

The next CORE  class offered via ZOOM

Date -Thursday, December 2, 2021

Time 9:30 AM- 12:30 PM



This CORE class will be a ZOOM presentation, and students must have both audio and video capabilities, students must be visually present for the 3 hours and engaged with the class (not doing other things at the same time) You need to have the link to the seminar from me to access the ZOOM seminar.   Just click on the link and it will bring you to a waiting room and then I will admit you to the seminar room. You must have the link to access this seminar. 

Registration via email: Include your name, address, phone number, license number.There must be a minimum number of students to hold the class. Please register early.

Fee: $35... check can be mailed when you receive confirmation that I have your registration via email, but credit affidavit will not be issued until receipt of check. I am researching how to pay online and which method is easiest for all. Until I figure it out, a mailed check will be required....CMSU... PO Box 903... Exeter, NH 03833. There are no refunds once the check is received.

Class begins PROMPTLY at 9:30. NO BODY in the seat/or on the monitor by 9:30 AM NO CREDIT AFFIDAVIT will be emailed.

Policies During Class

NO talking on the phone or to other people in your location

NO Texting during class

NO recording of the class.

Student's attention must be on the class not on other people or other other words no multi tasking...



Students must be visually present for the 3 hours and engaged with the session and not doing other things or they will NOT receive credit for the session. Be sure to sign on at least 15 minutes before class. It is the student's respoinsibility to make sure their connection is operational