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The CORE June 15th, 2020


( As always be sure to check the cancellations button on the top navigation bar to make sure the class has not been cancelled especially in light of COVID)

Date: June 15th, 2020 This course will probably not be a live class but might be offered online via ZOOM. Please stay in contact via email or phone if you decide to attend this class so you know how it will be presented

Time 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Location: IF LIVE The Seacoast Board of REALTORS  otherwise it will be offered as a live stream presentation using the ZOOM platform.

              110 Corporate Drive

              Corporate Center

              Unit #4

              Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth 

              Directions are on the website under

      "Directions to Portsmouth"  

              My maroon Avalon with CMSU on the plates will be parked

              right by the FRONT door.    

If it is a ZOOM presentation, students must have both audio and video capabilities, students must be visually present for the 3 hours and engaged with the class (not doing other things at the same time) You need to have the link to the seminar from me to access the ZOOM seminar.   You will need to access ZOOM by going to the website and clicking join meeting and inserting the link,

Registration via email: (Still trying to figure out how to put a hyperlink). There must be a minimum number of students to hold the class. Please register early. I will email back a confirmation of your registration. If there is inclement weather please check my website under "Cancellations" on the top navigation bar or call my office.

Fee: $35 payable in cash or check at the door (if presented via ZOOM $35 check can be mailed but credit affidavit will not be issued until receipt of check.

Class begins PROMPTLY at 2:00. NO BODY in the seat/or on the monitor by 2:00 NO CREDIT AFFIDAVIT in the hand/or email inbox at 5:00.


NO phones

NO Texting during class

NO laptops

NO recording devices of any type

NO smoking, No e-cigarettes, No vapor cigarettes or any similar inhalation devices


Students must be visually present for the 3 hours and engaged with the session and not doing other things or they will NOT receive credit for the session. Be sure to sign on at least 15 minutes before class.