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Thank you for your interest in CMSU's NH Real estate Pre-licensing Course.  Below is some information that may be useful to you. 
The fee for CMSU’s NH Real Estate Pre-licensing Course is $399.00.
The fee includes 8 classes, they meet once a week for 8 weeks, it includes the books, the 20th edition of Modern Real Estate Practice, course hand outs, outlines, 40 page outline addressing state specific laws and the license laws and Administrative Rules. The course also includes a 2 day wrap up session held towards the end of the course which goes from 8:00 AM to 6:00/3:00 PM generally on two consecutive Saturdays. The entire course totals 50  +/-hours.
My goal is to have people coming out of the class not just knowing the information long enough to pass the exam, but knowing why they need the information in the practice of real estate and how it is applied for the benefit of the consumer. Many people have taken the course just for informational purposes with no plans to enter into the profession and have also found the course informative and very worthwhile.
The NH Real Estate Commission requires attendance and completion of a 40 hour NH approved Real Estate Course prior to taking the Salesperson’s Real Estate licensing exam.
I have classes in a number of locations and I do offer a course every 8 weeks. I have been teaching and specializing in pre-licensing classes here in NH for over 35 years, and am accredited by the NH Real Estate Commission.
The Portsmouth class generally meets on Tuesdays and offers both a morning session and an evening session. The morning session goes from 9-1 and the evening session is held from 6-10. The Portsmouth classes are held at the Seacoast Board of REALTORS® which is located at Corporate Center, 110 Corporate Drive at Pease Trade-port in Portsmouth. 
The 2 day wrap up is generally held on the last two Saturdays of the session. The first Saturday addresses Math and State Specific information and the second Saturday reviews Math and National information. Those two days will meet in Portsmouth, NH from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM for the State and 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM for the National regardless of where one has attended the 8 weeks. That is where all of my students get together in one location to go over new State information on the first day and review the National information on the second day.
After the students begin class, I ask them to review the Candidate Handbook from the PSI that I hand out in class or can be read in advance on the OPLC Website under the NH Real Estate Commission which includes a registration form to register to take the NH licensing exam and I leave it up to the students to register/schedule themselves for the exam. So you could register at the course completion, then schedule for a date immediately after completion of the course, pass the exam, and then be ready to be licensed and begin work afteraffiliating with a real estate broker. Taking the exam ASAP after completion of the course is strongly recommended. You must take the exam within 1 year of the date of beginning the course ( this will be changing to 6months soon). More will be explained in class.
At this time, there is only one license in NH and it will allow a person to do both residential and commercial sales/leasing. The fee for the exam is $155 ($170 for brokers). Once you pass the exam your salesperson’s license will cost you $90 (broker’s license is $110). You will need to activate that license within 6 months of passing the exam. You can hang your license with a broker and work in the business or if you are not prepared to work in real estate at this time, you can hang it with the Real Estate Commission on “inactive status” or hang it with a holding company and do referrals. Whatever you choose to do you must activate the license within 6 months of the exam, and renew it every 2 years or you will have to take the exam (and the course) over again.
Any other fees incurred will depend on the Real Estate Office with which you choose to affiliate. If additional fees are a concern of yours, you should check with a few of the companies with which you are considering working and inquire with them as to what fees may be incurred when affiliating with that company.
The New Hampshire Real Estate Commission requires all license applicants to have a criminal background check prior to licensing. Not prior to taking the course nor prior to taking the exam but prior to licensing. The fee for the criminal background check process is $25.00 and students can print out the Records Release Form from the NHREC.
Students are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes before class on the first day to sign in at the location for which they pre-registered and receive materials. The fee of $399 is payable in full at the door if not already pre-paid. Walk-ins, although always welcome, are not guaranteed seating. A minimum $50 non refundable/non transferable deposit is required with registration to guarantee seating. With pre-registrations I can also be sure to have enough materials. If payment in full is sent, and the student fails to attend the class, the entire fee paid will be non refundable unless email is sent dated  48 hours prior to the date class begins, canceling the registration in which case, the fee paid minus the $50 deposit will be returned. I accept cash and check but do not accept credit cards.
Walk-ins please call the office the morning of the first class just to be sure the class has not been cancelled due to lack of registrations, snow storms, change of location etc. You can also click on the "Cancellations"button on the top navigation bar.
A Registration Form can be printed out directly from my website or I would be happy to fax, email or mail a registration form to you if you email me a fax, email or address.
If I can answer any further questions please feel free to email or call. Or please feel free to visit my Website  where you can also find more information about, myself, my company, testimonials or the schedule for the remainder of the year.
Hope to see you in class some day!