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     Correspondence CORE Available for Continuing Education
To renew an active license, a licensee must complete a three hour CORE Course and 12 hours of ELECTIVE Courses.
If this is your first renewal of a new active license a licensee must complete the 3 Hour CORE and 12 Hours of Post Licensing Courses.
To renew an inactive license, a licensee is only required to complete the three hour CORE Course.
The NH “CORE” is available as a correspondence course and will be emailed. This Course comes in PDF format and opens with ADOBE. The fee is $35. You read through the information, and take the quiz at the end then email the test back to CMSU.
To order the CORE, please email me your name, home address, phone number,  license number, the email address you would like it emailed to, a request for the CORE in PDF format and a note letting me know you will put a check for  $35 in the mail to me that day. Once the CORE is emailed there are NO REFUNDS and the course must be paid for.
Most of you who have done classes with me for years know that I   accommodate to the best of my ability those who are running short on time ….but it depends on my teaching schedule and when I am in the office.
Once Courses are picked up, esent out or emailed there are NO REFUNDS, NO TRANSFERS OR ASSIGNMENTS.
There will be a fee of $20 charged for checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts or any other reason.
If you do not receive your order in 7-10 days please email me! The CORE ordered via email is generally emailed within 24 hours. If you do not receive it please send off an email to be sure I received your order. If you cannot wait for my response, and go elsewhere for the CORE because you have to renew that day, BE SURE TO CANCEL the order via email with me. If you do not cancel and it is  emailed out you will be required to pay for the CORE.
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call or email. Email is generally the best way to reach me.
Thank you for your interest in the courses available through CMSU.
Charline Mason