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             Career Orientation Seminar Schedule
The Career Orientation Seminar is designed to help students with the interview process when searching for a Real Estate Company with which to affiliate. Discussion will include inquiries from students from the difference between a large office and a small office, franchises, to independents, the 100% commission offices and others.
The seminar addresses what could be important to the student and what should be important. After the seminar, the student will know what to ask during the interview process and what will most likely be asked of them.
The instructor will also touch on what it takes to be a successful agent in addition to what the student can do while waiting to take the exam to prepare for when they enter the field of real estate.
This session will prepare the student with realistic expectations to unrealistic expectations, costs that may be incurred when beginning a career in real estate. We will go over company policies from up time to what the student is bringing to the table.
This seminar has received very high evaluations from former students.
The fee for the seminar is $25.00 for students currently attending CMSU’s NH Real Estate Pre-licensing Course and $50 for those not currently attending CMSU’s Pre-licensing Course.
The location may vary from session to session, however, most seminars will be held in Portsmouth at 110 Corporate Drive, Corporate Center, Pease Tradeport .   Directions